Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Building a window

William Warren (pictured below) and I have been working on a replacement window for the second floor of the west face of Adams Hall. William is the brains behind the operation. I just mainly get him tools, do what he says, and clean up after him. He is the craftsman. The window is made out of long-lasting fir. The rotten window we took down was probably about eighty years old. Should the Lord tarry, we expect that this window will likely outlast us.

Few schools and especially seminaries in America have people who can hand make a window. This kind of work not only provides much-needed employment for many of the students in the college and seminary, but the seminary gets much of it back in the form of tuition. More importantly, this work saves thousands of Cooperative Program dollars (as opposed to buying and/or ordering the items) and is therefore good stewardship of the resources the Lord has provided.