Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obama to rescind health care conscience protections

The Obama government plans “to rescind in its entirety” a regulation that protects health care workers from violating their religious beliefs. Before these protections are completely scrapped, you can share your opinion with HHS.

For decades, the fundamental right to life for developing children in the womb has not been protected in this nation. This is well known. Less known is the fact that protections of conscience rights for those seeking to defend unborn human life are diminishing by the day. ...

Please share your Christlike and straightforward opinion with Health and Human Services by clicking here.

You can place this note in the comment box: "I oppose the rescission of these religious belief protections for health care workers in matters of conscience on the basis of the First Amendment."

We Christians NON-participation in the public square in the past has been largely responsible for the situation we have before us in this post. Please take two minutes to respond.