Thursday, May 21, 2009

Objection to Biblical Inerrancy #7

Continued from Objection to Biblical Inerrancy #6

A seventh objection
is that inerrancy hinders the work of the church. Dewey Beegle claims that wrangling about inerrancy is a barrier to getting out and challenging “the tremendous moral and spiritual problems that confront us on every side.”[1]

First of all, a robust belief in inerrancy is a solid foundation and preparation for tackling moral and spiritual problems on every side.

Secondly, we agree. If theological liberals would stop wrangling over inerrancy and accept the orthodox position of two millennia of Christian history, we could move forward to bring an encounter with the living Word to the mounting moral and spiritual problems we face.

[1] Dewey Beegle, The Inspiration of Scripture (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1963), 188; in Saucy, 22.

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