Friday, May 29, 2009

Objection to Biblical Inerrancy #9

Continued from Objection to Biblical Inerrancy #8

A ninth objection
is that inerrancy is really not about the character of the biblical text. It is about a narrow interpretation.

Daniel Day explains that “what was really being deified wasn’t the Bible at all, but the interpretations of it by fallible humans. They play our love of scripture as a trump card against us. They say, ‘The Bible, the Bible, the Bible!’ But what that means is, ‘My interpretation, my interpretation! And I refuse to be bullied by any who today would dismiss me as a liberal, as one who ‘doesn’t really believe the Bible,’ because I happen to disagree with their interpretations on their chosen wedge-issues – not one of which is within the historic creeds!”[1]

No doubt some do use biblical inerrancy, as others use the encounter with the Living Word, for their own selfish and manipulative ends. But such sinful activity does not do away with the entire authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures.

[1] Day, “Errors.”

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