Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Helping kids love missions

Ten Ways to Help Kids Love Missions
There are things we can do to help our kids love the nations and the cause of Christ, even though a heart and calling for the Great Commission is ultimately something only God can grant. Here are a few ideas. Click the link above for full article. The outline is below.

1. Pray for missionaries as a family.
2. Read missionary biographies to your children.
3. Draw the whole family into supporting missionaries financially.
4. Find your child a missionary kid pen pal.
5. Entertain missionaries in your home.
6. Take risks as a family.
7. Affirm and nurture qualities in your children which could serve them on the mission field.
8. Teach your children to be world Christians.
9. Read missionary prayer letters to your children.
10. Use missions fact books and resources.

11. Most of all, pray every day that your kids will develop hearts that mirror God’s compassion for the nations and love for his glory in them!