Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How psychotherapy can help

Becky Pippert was auditing a class at Harvard called Systems of Counseling.
"We were looking at a case study in which the therapist, using psychodynamic psychotherapy, helped the patient uncover a hidden hostility toward his mother. Before the professor proceeded to the next case, I raised my hand and asked: 'Let's say the patient returned a few weeks later and said, "I'd like to get beyond my anger. I'd like to be able to love my mother and forgive her." How does psychodynamic psychotherapy help a person with a request like this?' There was silence. Then the professor answered, 'I think I would say, "Lot's of luck!" If you guys are looking for a changed heart, you're looking in the wrong department.'"
Source: Alfred Poirer, The Peacemaking Pastor (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2006), 150.