Monday, November 23, 2009

What a camel and a Chevy have in common

North African Christian does evangelism on a camel

International (MNN) ― Open Doors USA reports that a man in North Africa has a unique way of sharing the Gospel. He credits his camel for the ability to spread the Good News. (Pictured: a Jordanian bedouin camel driver in Petra in 1999.)

"Thanks to God for creating camels," said the secret believer (a convert from Islam to Christianity). "I want to share the Gospel with others, and I want to encourage them, and my camel is my vehicle which brings me everywhere."

Riding across the North African desert, this man's camel carries him up to 400 miles to visit other believers and share the Gospel. The man converted to Christianity about a year ago and has been rejected by his family for his newfound faith. Meeting with other secret believers has been an encouragement.

"I understand that God has a good plan for my life," he says. "I found other brothers that helped me grow in my faith, and that is wonderful."

Many converts from Islam in North Africa are ostracized like this believer. Often they are shunned by family and relatives and forced to move far away. Using his camel to access remote villages, this secret believer takes the Gospel to the people of the desert.

"My camel is like a Chevrolet in the USA. It brings you everywhere, and it often helps you in generating income."

Unfortunately, this man's camel recently perished as a result of a lack of water and food. Thanks to Open Doors USA, this man was able to continue his traveling ministry and his trading.

"I like to share my spiritual growth with others so they can grow," the believer states. "Please pray for endurance and perseverance for me in times of oppression and persecution."

Open Doors' Muslim World Ministry meets the needs of secret believers like this man by providing Bibles, training in leadership and community development.

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