Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun around our house

July 22, 2010: Luke, our five year old, has really gotten into dinosaurs, so when Amanda bought the kids some silly bandz, she got him dinosaur-shaped ones. Dutifully, she gave each one of the children a sandwich bag in which to store their handful of bandz.

Imagine the look on Amanda's face when Luke matter-of-factly walked up to her and asked, "Mom, please draw a brachiosaurus on my bag so that I will know it is mine." 

July 20, 2010: You know how kids get words mixed up in songs. Well, it happened here.

Luke, our five year old, was dancing and singing with great fervor tonight with the Cedarmont Kids video: "Give me that old time perdition; give me that old time perdition; give me that old time perdition; it's good enough for me." 

July 16, 2010: I needed an axe to chip up some apple wood someone gave me for smoking meat, so Amanda went to Lowe's, a building supply and hardware store, to find one.

Ava-Grace, our very 2 year old, was screaming and crying in the shopping cart all through the store, but Amanda refused to give in to her, refused to pay her any attention, so she just walked through the aisles with her whining acting as if she heard nothing.

When Amanda arrived in the hardware section with Ava-Grace still moaning and crying, she found two young guys working there.

Calmly she said, "I need an axe, please."

One of the young guys looked at Ava with all seriousness and said, "Don't do it!"