Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama pushing abortion on Kenya

WASHINGTON, July 6 -- The Obama administration is offering incentives to Kenya to approve a controversial new constitution that would legalize abortion for the first time, promising that passage will "allow money to flow" into the nation's coffers, including U.S. aid. Full article here.

UPDATE: Lawmakers question whether Obama violated (US Federal) law by backing pro-abortion Kenyan constitution

UPDATE 7/14/2010: Senator Chris Smith gives names and US taxpayer dollar amounts of Kenyan NGOs receiving Obama Administration money to meddle in a sovereign nation's internal politics to promote a new constitution legalizing abortion for the first time. Pray that Kenyans will not be fooled. Full article here. 

Update 7/16/2010: US Taxpayer funding of Yes Campaign in Kenya now at US$23 million.