Monday, October 25, 2010

Patterson on evangelism

"Trustees, I want to say a shocking thing to you today. It would be possible for you to choose a president of this institution who was theologically conservative, who believed all the right things, who affirmed the statement of faith. 

"It would be possible for you to choose an educator and a fine one at that. It would be conceivable for you to choose a man who was a man's man and who could lead men. It would be in the realm of possibility for you to get a person who would know how to raise a ton of money and put the seminary on financial footing so that it would never have a need in the world. 

"But if you do all of that and you fail to get a man who is a personal soul winner, you have failed in your duty." 

Patterson said the same goes for faculty. "Don't you elect a man to the faculty, a woman to the faculty who's not a consistent winner of men and women to the faith in Jesus Christ."

--- Paige Patterson to trustees at Southwestern Seminary's centennial on Fort Worth campus, October 19, 2010.

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