Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Patterson on fidelity to Scripture

"Trustees, there comes a day when you will replace the president of this institution. I want to challenge you today before God that you not make the mistake of getting anyone as president who cannot fully and absolutely conform to that statement of faith regarding the Bible.

"Faculty, I want to say to you today that whatever comes along through educational refinement, watch it carefully. If it is in contradiction to the Word of God that you have signed to be the binding arbiter of all in life, don't listen to it and don't dare teach it in these halls, and if you do you will have an appointment with the president." 

--- President Paige Patterson on Southwestern Seminary's centennial on its Fort Worth campus, noting that the seminary's first president, B.H. Carroll affirmed the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833 that described Scripture as "truth without any mixture of error" and ruled that "no man can obtain a position on the teaching force" without signing his name to that article.

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