Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Concert of Prayer

Mary receiving the Anunciation from the angel Gabriel
Our concert of prayer at Christmas focusing on Jesus Christ. Hymn numbers are from the Baptist Hymnal 1991. One hour service.

Hymn:             #91 (v. 1, 3) Silent Night
Scripture:       Matthew 1:20-23
Prayer: Welcome the presence of the Lord. Invite him as an honored guest among these gathered right now. Thank the Lord for being ‘God with us.’ Thank him for being a present help in trouble this year. Thank him for being a provider in your need. Thank him for being present at the time of your greatest blessing this year. Thank the Lord for being with us as we worship, as we go about his work
Carol:              #82 Emmanuel, then #76 (v. 1 , 4) O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Scripture:       John 1:1-5
Prayer: Praise the Lord as the everlasting Word. Praise him as our God. Praise him as Creator who has made all things. Thank him for eternal life that he has given. Praise him for being the light of life to whoever will receive the Light of the Good News. Ask the Lord to use you and use this church to shine forth the Light into the darkness, here in this community and around the globe. Ask him to cause those in darkness to see the Light. Ask that the Holy Spirit remove the blindness from their minds so that they can understand the Good News of Jesus Christ and come to a saving knowledge and submitted relationship to Him.
Carol:              #86 (v. 1, 4) O Little Town, then #89 (v. 1, 3) O Come All Ye Faithful

Scripture:       Luke 1:46-49
Prayer:  Tell the Lord how great He is. Tell the Lord what about him gives you joy. Thank the Lord for saving you. Thank him, the Great King, for paying attention to you, your soul, and your needs, and blessing you far beyond what you deserve, especially with salvation. Thank the Mighty One for doing great things for you. Declare his name as Holy.
Carol:              #87 (v. 1, 3, 5) Joy to the World then #94 (v.1, 4) Angels, from the Realms

Scripture:       Luke 2:1-7
Prayer:            Thank the Lord for the gift of the Virgin Birth, a baby whose death on a bloody cross one day as the Perfect Man, fully human and fully God, would be the perfect sacrifice for all who would receive him as Savior and Lord. Thank the Lord for leaving his royal place on the Throne in Heaven to be born homeless, in a dirty cave, laid in a animal trough, and wrapped in scraps of cloth as clothing.
Carol:              #101 (v. 1, 3) Gentle Mary Laid her Child, then #118 (v. 1,2) What Child is This?

Scripture:       Luke 2:8-14
Prayer:                        Praise the Lord in the highest! Praise Him for his marvelous Person and Work. Praise Him for breaking the power of fear over our lives. Praise him for the Great Joy that comes with the Good News of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! Praise Him for the Perfect Peace that He is for the human heart. Praise Him that he favored you when you did not deserve favor, and that he gave you the free gift of Himself and eternal life, a gift you did not earn and can never repay, a gift that is the secret of peace for all mankind.
Carol:              #85 (v.1), First Noel; 88 (v.1, 2) Hark! The Herald; #100 (v.1, 3) Angels We have Heard

Scripture:       Luke 2:15-20
Prayer:            Thank the Lord for the gift of his Son, fully human and fully God. Ask the Lord to make you obedient to the call to go and take others to the person of Jesus to worship him. Ask the Lord to use you to tell others about the Good News of Jesus Christ here in this community and to the ends of the earth for His glory. Ask the Lord for Great Joy over the Gift of Jesus Christ this Christmas for you and your family and the nations of the earth!
Carol:              #95 (v. 1, 3) Go, Tell, then #96 (v. 1, 3) Good Christian Men Rejoice

Closing Prayer