Thursday, February 03, 2011

Egypt: How your church can pray

I have an Egyptian friend who serves at the largest evangelical church in Egypt. We became friends when he was doing his Ph.D. at Fuller Seminary in the mid-90s. We ate a lot of meals together out on the porch of the cafeteria at the US Center for World Mission in beautiful sunny southern California. 

Here are his recommendations for prayer for his nation now in turmoil.
"Dear Gene
Finally we have internet to respond!!! Thanks a lot for your concern. Thank you for being praying for our safety. We are OK me, my family and church.
You were asking: How your church can pray?
  • Pray for Peace and safety.
  • We need you and your churches to pray that the Lord will give more wisdom to our leaders especially President Mubarak. He is an honest man but some of his previous assistants were not!
  • Pray for the safety of our people, especially the youth who have been cheated by wrong information about the president because of his assistants! (It is a similar situation of your previous President when some of his assistants gave him wrong information about Iraq!!) 
  • In addition, some of the TV programs (BBC and Al-Jazeera) are sharing in confusing our people and others by showing some defeated views of those who do not like Mubarak or Egypt.
I am not a political man but share by what is obvious!
Therefore, pray for a solution from God and giving the leaders the needed wisdom to discover that solution!
Every blessing,