Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Aiding Traffickers at Planned Parenthood

Under Federal law, any underage person doing commercial prostitution is automatically a victim of severe human trafficking and comes under protection. 
In the last few years, Planned Parenthood has been exposed for all kinds of alleged criminal activity--everything from covering up statutory rape and sexual abuse to accepting donations for race-based abortions. In an explosive new undercover video by Lila Rose, it looks like Planned Parenthood has expanded its broad range of services. According to Amy Woodruff, a clinic manager in New Jersey, the organization that rakes in more than $363 million taxpayer dollars a year is more than willing to help a local pimp hide a ring of child prostitutes. Just two weeks ago, Woodruff was caught on tape advising him how he could make his underage girls look "as legit as possible."

The actor admits up front that he's involved in "sex work" with 14- and 15-year-old children, some of whom, he confesses, were brought in "outta the country." Without missing a beat, Woodruff says, "I'm assuming most of them are coming here illegally, right?" and says her clinic won't ask for social security numbers. Knowing that he's bringing the girls to the U.S. for what many would consider sex trafficking, she tells him how to prep his girls to lie about their age. "So long as they just...say, 'Oh, she's fifteen, sixteen...' then we just play stup[id]." When he asks about abortion, Woodruff reaches under her desk, says, "You never got this from me," and explains where his youngest prostitutes can go--no questions asked. "...[S]o many parents... [are] like, 'Oh, but she's a minor.' Ok. Yeah, so? ...She's still entitled to care without mom knowin' what the **** is going on." Later, she suggests that these girls can still make money after an abortion by performing sex acts from the "waist up." Or, she says, "just be that 'extra action walking by' to advertise sex to potential clients." At the end, the pimp offers Woodruff a deal for keeping their abortion arrangement a secret--something she agrees to try.
This is the abortion industry.

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