Friday, August 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood can't fool Mississippi voters

Rev. Vincent Lachina
Planned Parenthood must think voters in Mississippi are fools, but one man ended up with some Mississippi Mud on his face this past Wednesday. 

Rev. Vincent Lachina spoke to a crowd of Mississippi voters during a Mississippi Secretary of State's Personhood Amendment Hearing.  

Lachina spoke against Mississippi's Personhood Amendment, saying he is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor who is both "prolife and prochoice." Addressing the crowd in a clerical collar, the Mississippians listened intently as Lachina shared that he grew up in Jackson and had a Mississippi heritage. Lachina boldly preached an ideology of choice, calling for a "no" vote on prolife Amendment 26.

Unfortunately, Lachina left out some critical details. Lachina failed to mention that he is also the Washington State Chaplain at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  

Jacob Dawson of the American Family Association was sitting in the audience and decided to do a Google search of Lachina, having never heard of a Southern Baptist preacher from Mississippi by that name -- much less a pro-choice, clerical collar-wearing Southern Baptist preacher. Dawson stood before the crowd and stated, "A quick Google search reveals a January 2006 article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stating that Mr. Lachina is from Seattle, and is a chaplain for Planned Parenthood."

The crowd was stunned, and many were outraged at the misrepresentation and deception of Planned Parenthood. That wasn't all. A little more googling found this 2007 statement by Mr. Lachina, "We gay men don't need to worry about what the Republicans, the
Religious Right, or homophobes will do to us." (Vincent Lachina, "The Good Boy," The Advocate, 1-30-2007).  

According to the Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest website, Rev. Lachina is actually a native of Birmingham, Alabama. Well, it did. It seems they took down his image, but an search gives the image text on the right. His facebook page is here.

"Nationwide, we have seen Planned Parenthood's repeated attempts to deceive the public. These are just the kind of underhanded tactics we have come to expect from Planned Parenthood," explained Keith Mason, President of Personhood USA. "It appears that Planned Parenthood flew a man from Washington to Mississippi, put him in a clerical collar, and asked him to appeal to the voters with deep Southern Baptist roots. It's just wrong. His attempts to dissuade voters from voting for Amendment 26 will not be successful. Yes on 26 is an honest campaign for a pro-life measure. No posturing or dress-up is necessary to see that all human beings are people, and that all people have a right to life." 

You have your doubts that what I've said actually happened? The Yes on 26 Campaign has released video of the deception at