Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween's origin & the paranormal

The Origin of Halloween
Truth Encounter, Dave Wyrtzen

October 31st is Halloween. Should we as Christian parents let our kids get dressed up and collect candy? Because of its origins in druid worship and the occult, should we not completely divorce ourselves from any involvement with it? The opinions about Halloween are wide ranging. Dave shares how he dealt with this issue as a dad in his own family. He isn't asking you to agree with him, but he does want you to think about how we as parents can make decisions about these controversial areas.

Halloween: Enter at Your Own Risk, Part 1
Halloween: Enter at Your Own Risk, Part 2

Eric Barger hosts and interviews ministry colleague David Benoit. They have co-authored books on the paranormal and both sound a warning about the so-called holiday known as Halloween. Avoid it at all costs. Learn of the cunning stealth of Satan and how it is on overdrive this time of year.