Friday, December 09, 2011

Persecution in Iran and India

Heydar Moslehi
House churches "a threat to youth"
IRAN - It seems that the gloves are finally off. Iran's Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi calls house churches "a threat to youth." He also says they're working to stop the growth of Christianity

Only 2-3 years ago, the government ignored the Church. Now, because of a great awakening in Iran, they feel threatened because so many people are coming to Christ. 

Although Iran is arresting believers under the apostasy law, Christmas season usually brings a yearly spike in persecution. Why? Christians are celebrating. They are sharing the Gospel and the Christmas story. 

Prayer is needed. This is yet another confirmation of what an incredible work God is doing in Iran." Full story here

Seven newly baptized converts from Islam detained, beaten
English: Seal/crest of the Church of North India

INDIA – Police in India’s Kashmir Valley detained and beat 7 newly baptized Christians who converted from Islam, and they are seeking the arrest of the Christian leaders responsible for converting them. 

Police identified the converts and pastors from a video recording of the baptism posted on YouTube and obtained by Kashmir's grand mufti (the highest official of Islamic law), Bashir-ud-din Ahmad. 

Ahmad alleged that Pastor Chander Mani Khanna of All Saints Church (Church of North India), was bribing young Muslims to convert, saying that the video, showing only the baptism ceremony) proves Muslims are being "lured" to Christianity. 

The pastor said the Muslim youths attended the church on their own initiative and asked to take Communion. Pastor Chander told them they must be baptized to join the Supper, and they asked for baptism. 

Pray that Pastor Chander will not be charged, and that the young converts will remain steadfast in their faith. Pray that the gospel will spread throughout Kashmir despite opposition and oppression.