Friday, August 24, 2012

Countdown for Israel

If Israeli jets show up in Iranian airspace, observers say it will most likely happen before November 6th. The US election is the perfect window for an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program because Obama will be too busy to do much damage to Israel. And Israel, whose leaders face catastrophic possibilities, needs to move before Iran finishes constructing their nuclear enrichment bunkers underground. 

In case you haven’t noticed, the United States and Israel have divergent interests on Iran. Israel wants to avoid a devastating Iranian nuclear attack while the United States wants regional stability. Regional stability for the US means keeping the Arab oil nations happy, particularly Saudi Arabia. The Saudis would not be happy about Israeli warplanes using Saudi airspace to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Just like the Gulf War, regional stability demands the United States protect Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf terror states while keeping Israel out of it.

But the US will not deal with Iran, either. Even the ayatollahs know that Obama will not bomb Iran for Israel’s sake. In fact, the US diplomatic and military establishment believes Israel isn’t really concerned about a nuclear attack, that they are only playing a regional power game. For Israel, nuclear annihilation is neither a game nor a theory. With no regional alliances and little territory, Israel has always been on edge for threats. Surrounded by violent enemies who would find national pride and religious fervor in destroying them, Israel’s only real deterrent is military. But there is no deterrent against a nuclear terrorist attack. Israel’s only options have become either a preemptive strike on Iran or killing as many of those responsible as possible before succumbing to radiation poisoning.

At September’s UN General Assembly, PM Netanyahu will argue before a hostile audience that the short-term cost of attacking Iran is less than the long-term cost of allowing a nuclear Iran. History supports Israel. No one liked the Bolsheviks taking over Russia, but no one did anything about it. The same with Mao in China, Hitler in Czechoslovakia and Poland, Japan in the Pacific. Hitler liquidated 6 million Jews, ironically the current population of Israel today. Despite the danger, many secular Israeli experts disagree with Netanyahu’s dire warnings and advocate ignoring Iran’s threats or worse, appeasing them. In personal relationships as among nations, history teaches that appeasement never works.

Within the region, the Sunni Gulf States privately welcome Israel doing something about Shia Iran’s nuclear weapons. Meanwhile Washington assumes Israel will not deal with Iran because the US will not deal with Iran. They assume Netanyahu is like them, only more deceptive (or paranoid) because he pretends he will deal with Iran. The problem is that Iran isn’t playing a game, precisely why Israel can’t afford to play a game either. For Israel, this is not a set of talking points, or saber-rattling diplomacy. It is life or death. Israel will act, because for all its flaws, its survival is on the line. But Israel has been here before. The escalating rhetoric from Iran echoes that of the Egyptians of the 1960s. Israel preemptively destroyed Egypt’s entire air force then. Those who hear the clock ticking know what is coming. They see the hard choices to be made in the months ahead. And Israel will make those choices as they have made them before. Israel will survive, because Israel is Chosen, but even more because God’s covenants are irrevocable (Rom 11:29). Pray for Zech 12:1-9 for the people of Israel, its national and military leadership, and for the peace of Jerusalem. 

Source: DavidGreenfield,