Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Imprisoned Iranian pastors, China's summer camps raided

Youcef Nadarkhani
IRAN – Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s new trial is coming up Sept 8, 2012. New charges, if any, are still unknown. Court documents, which usually state specific charges, only say, “regarding the charges against you...” Some speculate that the phrase refers to previous apostasy charges, but no one knows. 

Behnam Irani
Meanwhile, we received disturbing news regarding Pastor Behnam Irani. The doctor in Ghezal Hezar prison wishes to perform surgery to stop his internal bleeding from a ulcer. Brother Behnam’s family requested that the surgery take place in a hospital, but the request was denied and the surgery will be performed in the prison. They are greatly concerned about the unsanitary conditions in the prison near prisoners with contagious diseases receiving treatment in the prison hospital. We do not know yet when the surgery will take place, but ask now that you pray for this situation. Brother Behnam needs the divine hand of the Lord to protect him and provide healing and health in spite of the condition. Source: Present Truth

CHINA – Authorities in China recently raided a children's summer camp organized by two house churches in Jiangxi province. Police and government officials, accompanied by school principals, raided the camp on June 6, recorded the names of everyone present and confiscated a computer and projector. Three teachers were detained for questioning and were told that children are not allowed to become religious believers. Officials closed the house church that hosted the camp because it was unregistered. As a result of international pressure, the church's property has been returned and the church has resumed meeting. 

In early July, police in the region of Xinjiang raided a house church Sunday school, detaining 70 children and their teachers for questioning. Seven teachers were held at a detention center, and some of the children's parents, school principals and teachers were also questioned. Pray for these churches and the children. Source: Voice of the Martyrs