Saturday, August 04, 2012

Abortionist says he kills "ugly black babies"

On July 26, 2012, in a video published by opersvamerica, a conversation got heated when a few pro-life folks with Operation Save America met Charlotte, NC, abortionist Dr. Ashutosh Ron Virmani. As this conversation escalated, Dr. Virmani claimed he is lessening the burden on tax payers by killing unborn babies. He admitted to destroying babies, not a blob of tissue or a fetus, or as he described them, "ugly black babies." Take a look.
"Let me see one of you adopt one of those ugly black babies," Abortionist Ashutosh Ron Virmani said. 
The black community should be outraged because Ashutosh Virmani is a brazen racist and his statement supports what we already know of the billion dollar abortion industry--black babies are targeted because they are seen as poor, worthless and maybe even "ugly."