Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pray for the Coming US Election

The 2012 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012. The 57th quadrennial presidential election will coincide with elections for 33 US Senate seats, the entire 113th Congress, 13  state and territorial governors, many state and territorial legislatures, special elections, and various other local races.us elections

The United States is clearly a nation in trouble. A battered economy, political divisiveness, the culture wars, racial uneasiness, and a sidelined church provide the dry tinder for an inflammatory national election in November of 2012. Many stake their hopes or fears on the outcome. 

While believing in and encouraging the importance of exercising our right to vote, the Church in America must do something even more critical in these days... Pray! The seriousness of our day requires an intensity of prayer that is unprecedented. Accordingly among US prayer ministries, there is a nationwide call for 40 days and nights of unrelenting intercession on behalf of our nation, immediately preceding the November 6th election (Sept 28 - Nov 6).

40daysDuring a recent conference call with some from the U.S. National Prayer Committee, Chairman Dave Butts made this comment concerning this decisive time in American history: "If the Church does not respond in prayer, we won't recognize our nation. The only hope is for God to step in."

We believe there is a narrow window of time for us to get on the Lord's wavelength and pray out God-inspired, history-shaping prayers between now and the upcoming election on November 6. This election has been called the most important one in our lifetimes by Christians and secularists alike. Many who walk with the Lord feel that the long-term fate of the USA is very much at stake in the coming months.

Our focus in prayer is simple. We are praying for:
  1. Revival in the Church - that another Great Awakening would sweep across America as the Lord's people humble themselves in repentance and prayer. (2 Chron. 7:14)
  2. A standard of righteousness to be raised over this nation. (Proverbs 14:34)
  3. The elections - that God would intervene. This is not a partisan or political effort but a plea to bring God into a process that desperately needs His wisdom and direction. (Isaiah 48:17)
This is a call, not from one ministry or organization, but from diverse leaders from across the spectrum of the U.S. Church. It is also not a call to a particular event. It is a pleading for all Christians to do something proactive and powerful in prayer for the 40 days leading up to our fall elections. 

As leaders in the Body of Christ, we commit ourselves to prayer during these days of decision regarding the future of our nation. Even more, we commit ourselves to mobilize prayer in our spheres of influence, that every part of the Lord's Church would join together in the day and night prayer for the intervention of God on the part of our nation. 

Please join American believers in praying for these three things for their country. For more information, go to www.40daysofprayer.net

Source: International Prayer Council