Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Christian shock tortured to death in Lybia
Ezzat Hakim Atallah
LYBIA – Repeated electrical shock torture of an Egyptian Christian accused of “proselytizing” in Libya likely exacerbated his heart ailment, leading to his death in custody, according to sources close to the deceased. 

Ezzat Hakim Atallah, 45, died March 10 in a Tripoli jail while in the custody of an Islamic militia group called the Preventative Security Unit, an internal police force formed during the Libyan Revolution by rebel leaders. 

Atallah, who ran a cellphone sales business, was arrested without formal charges in Benghazi on Feb. 13 along with six other expatriate Christians accused of spreading Christianity to Muslims. All seven have likely been tortured. 

Atallah was taken to a hospital once while in custody, on March 6, but he returned to jail after medical personnel were either unwilling or unable to treat him properly. Atallah leaves behind a wife, a 15yo son, and an 11yo daughter. 

A Protestant pastor working directly with Christians there said, “Now in Libya they don't like Christians, they don't tolerate them,” he said. “They know there are many Muslims that are becoming Christians. And because of it, all Christian workers are in danger.” Attalah “was a very kind person,” a pastor with ties inside Libya said. “He was someone who liked to help everyone.” Source: Morningstar News, ASSIST, MidEast Christian News