Sunday, December 04, 2005

Compare Eve and Mary

Eve dealt with the fallen angel Lucifer. Mary dealt with the Archangel Gabriel.

Eve listened to the serpent and was disobedient. Mary listened to the angel and was obedient.

Through Eve came sin. Through Mary came the Savior.

Eve brought death into the world. Mary brought the Conqueror of death into the world.

Eve was the mother of the living. Mary was the mother of Life.

Eve’s disobedience put us out of fellowship with God. Mary’s obedience birthed the opportunity for fellowship with God through Jesus Christ.

Eve’s work put them out of paradise. Mary’s work prepared the way for us to enter paradise.

Pictured: The Annunciation, CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de; c. 1645; Oil on canvas, 334 x 214 cm; Wallace Collection, London

(I'm preaching on the Annunciation at Amis Chapel on Sunday morning, and this is an insight I'd had in the process.)