Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Missing Page 2

Here's a funny.
On Sunday I had been in the pulpit less than ten minutes when I had already had to stop and ask our good sound tech to turn down the monitors which were blaring my voice back in my face. A special Christmas music duet just before the sermon was the reason they were so loud.

Unflustered, I turned to page 2 of my sermon. But there was no "Page 2." No problem, I thought. The page must have been stapled out of order. There was a page 3, a page 4, and even a five, but no two! Oh my goodness, was my next thought.

As the blarney ran out, the fluster kicked in, and it took me a few minutes to get back on track. I even referred to the Mother of Jesus as a "he," got my tongue twisted between Matthew and Luke, and gave my wife a couple of emergency looks which meant "Pray for me now!"

Just to be sure, before I moved out from behind the pulpit again, I checked my zipper (the last thing I needed at this point and one of my all-time public speaking horrors.) Whew! At least it was up, and the sermon came off fine after all.