Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One of those days

I guess it is to be expected after a big weekend like we had. We had one of those days today.

I bombed the two mid-term exams today. My right arch got to hurting enough during the first exam to cause me almost to crawl back to the truck.

In between exams, my former supervisor at Just Tires called to tell us that he was mistaken about our health insurance lasting 90 days. Because I had worked less than a year, we had no insurance. In fact, we've not had it since February 17! We scrambled and called the Southern Baptist annuity board (Guidestone), but it would take 4-6 weeks to get insurance. Then we called Goodyear for COBRA, and we had to scare up over $850 in a heartbeat and put a check in the mail. I'm not sure where Amanda found it all, but she murmured something about not spending another dollar the rest of the week.

Little Luke scraped both his knees badly today after putting another goose egg on his forehead with scratches that look like a turkey track. He wouldn't take a nap, so he was a constant whine from 3pm on until Amanda put him to bed a few minutes ago.

Sometimes we just have those days!