Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tonight is UNC's last basketball game, and Amis Chapel's last concession stand until September. Game is at 9pm. I might have to become a Tar Heel fan.
I visited the bedside of Ruby Bradshaw yesterday afternoon at Person Memorial Hospital in Roxboro with my new friend William Vaughan, chairman of deacons, retired from IBM, and now in charge of servers globally for Liteon who services IBM and Lenovo.

Ruby had family there with her all day, but she is not receiving anything by mouth, and her kidneys began to fail on Monday. She has Alzheimers and a bad case of pneumonia. It is often said that pneumonia is an older sick person's best friend, because it helps them go home where they want to be. She is a long-time member of Amis Chapel, and I offered to do whatever I could and left my number.

Today's classes were good, especially Dr. Black's Textual Criticism. We discussed, among a myriad of issues, the last verses of Mark and whether they are canonical or not.