Sunday, May 28, 2006


We found Luke's dachshund puppy Cleo run over in front of the house about 7pm. She looked like she'd been dead less than an hour. We had been calling her while I was grilling supper. Then I spotted a dark lump on the side of the road, and Dennis went over and picked her up to confirm it was her, all four pounds of her.

Dachshunds don't understand cars, and they sometimes run out to meet them instead of running from them. It looked like she got hit in the head and died quickly.

Dennis helped me bury Cleo behind the house. We had to borrow a pick from Ronnie Tuck's to dig the hole. As a puppy in Laurens, SC, Cleo helped me get through those long days when I was ill once and Amanda was working two jobs to keep us afloat. Lately, she's been the source of Luke's happy squealing as he chased her around the house. We're glad he's young enough not to understand what happened today.

Cleo 2/27/2003-5/29/2006