Thursday, October 12, 2006

Close call on I-85

On Tuesday, Amanda called after heading to her routine doctor's appointment. She was on I-85 on the side of the road a little shook up. Her left front tire had a problem with missing tread but had not gone down. Luke, now 21 months, was with her. When I arrived, I saw that the tread had come off down to the steel belts on a good portion of the tire, and it looked dangerous. When the AAA truck arrived, the driver said he had never seen such a tire keep its air pressure under such stress, especially at 70mph. He added, "I don't know what kind of God you might serve, but if you do, you better be thanking Him about now." And we had been. It could have been a bad situation, and Tuesday evening we enjoyed each other a little more than usual, knowing we could have been in an ICU somewhere. Thank the Lord!

This is a picture that I like alot of the two of them from last year in our Wake Forest apartment.