Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Burning Confederate flags in Laurens, SC

The Nation of Islam, doing their prosetylizing and taking advantage of the families of the tragedy of child-teacher sex in Laurens County, SC, burned Confederate flags over the past weekend. Huh?

If they knew their history and were not trying ignorantly to push a publicity stunt and get a good fund raiser, they would know that the men who went to war under the Confederate flag were doing so to protect their hearths, homes, wives, and children from a vicious and dangerous military invasion that at last destroyed the South and crippled her economy for a century.

It is the liberal ideologies of today's secular society and the casting off of Judeo-Christian values which allow disrespectful flag burning of any kind and cause the perversion we see with school teachers taking sexual advantage of their young students.

Even though the Nation of Islam is considered by Muslims in a similar way that Christians view Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, they should check their own Islamic history and mull over the historical reality of Islam's founders own "marriage" to virgin nine to twelve year old girls.

Upstate Group Burns Confederate Flags
"LAURENS, S.C. -- Some Confederate flags were burned in the Upstate over the weekend.
Organizers said that Sunday's flag burning in Laurens was designed to send a message to Southerners. The grassroots organization, Chimuranga, said it wants the South to "stop hating and raping children."

"Organizers said that the sex scandals in Laurens County involving two white teachers who are accused of having sex with black students is fueling racial tensions.

"Relatives of the alleged victims and members of the Nation of Islam attended the flag burning."