Monday, September 17, 2007

First woman elected as Flat River moderator

All afternoon and evening were taken up with the Flat River Baptist Association Annual Meeting at Sharon Baptist Church in Goshen.

The most important part of the meeting was the demonstration by Mountain Creek Baptist Church's Youth Bible Drill team.

The most enjoyable part of the meeting was the supper.

The most interesting part of the meeting was the election of the first woman moderator in Flat River Association's 214 years. She is Mrs. Annette Myers, of Mountain Creek Baptist Church and a former Granville County commissioner.

The most awful part of the meeting (and I am joking and laughing about my dear friend Euell Elliott as I write this) was watching Euell Elliott (in a promotional video for the Damascus Home in Creedmoor, NC), make his low-budget movie debut in The Lighthouse, a movie about the Damascus Home. Elliott plays a board member who is so nervous he cannot remember what he needs to say and launches into his infamous "pontification" mode where he begins to talk and talk and talk with no sign of ever stopping. Finally producer Willis Herman pulls him off stage as Elliott protests, "But I haven't started telling you about the Damascus Home yet!"

Says producer Willis Herman about the project, "Hey, it's a low budget flick. That's what you get for low-budget! If you want a better film, contribute to the Damascus Home budget!"

Never in all my born days did I think I'd watch a horror film at a Baptist association meeting.
And to top it all off, when the messengers took a break for the best part of the meeting (supper), there stood Euell on the red carpet outside alongside his star-teacher wife Laura, waving at the passing crowd. Lighthouse star Fred Kughn reckoned Euell was there to sign autographs following his debut.