Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Exodus: A logistical nightmare

±Two million people (cf. Numbers 1:46 x 4)

require each day:
1500 tons of food
4000 tons of wood
11 million gallons of water

To Cross the Red (Reed) Sea in one night:
At double file, it would take 800 mile line 35 days to cross.

So the Red or Reed Sea -- take your pick -- in order to get the whole nation to pass through in one night at 5000 abreast, the body of water must have been at least 3 miles wide. Like one old preacher said, "It won't no mud hole."

Encampment: 750 square miles
2/3 size of Rhode Island
Granville County, NC is 531 sq. miles
Laurens County, SC, is 731 sq. miles