Thursday, September 27, 2007

Looking forward to Liberia

After the week we've had, Liberia will be a relaxing vacation in November. No running water or electricity, malaria-laden mosquitos, and suffocating humidity and heat in the bush of Lofa County will be a welcome respite. I'm looking forward to familiar things like these. Above: Typical taxi in front of you on the road.
Below: Benson Street, Monrovia. We used to buy our vegetables here from a sweet woman named Wata.
Below: A home in Bui, a satellite village of Konia, Lofa County, the area where our team will be rehabilitating water wells during the day and doing evangelism and leadership training work at night. Photo: Lauren Selmon.

Notice the beautiful red plant growing in their yard. Upcountry in Liberia one sees huge bouganvilla and other marvellously red and hot pink flowers and bushes like that growing in front of little thached palava huts and homes. No matter where you go, people like to have something pretty to look at and enjoy.