Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Evangelical Youth into Wicca

Here's something disturbing this morning from Religion Today Summaries. But I can't say I'm really surprised. With the sheer depravity of spiritual power and authentic Christianity in our churches, young people are turning to other routes. We are fast going the way of European Christianity. WE MUST HAVE REVIVAL! And let it begin in me.

'Earth Worship' on the Rise among Evangelical Youth

OneNewsNow.com reports that Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America is saying that many young people in evangelical churches are disturbingly experimenting with Wicca. Crouse warns that Christian parents and leaders must be ready to counter that growing interest. Wicca involves nature worship and stresses moral autonomy, which are appealing tenets to many of today's youth. Crouse cites an article in Religion Journal which said youth pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention were worried about large numbers of evangelicals taking part in Wicca. "They don't want the church telling them that there are boundaries, [that] there are things that they can't do," Crouse explains. She believes interest in Wicca can be traced to recent books featuring witchcraft and similar topics.