Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Test Your Church" Kit

Does your church (including your pastor, your deacons, your church leaders, and the members of Sunday School) really truly care about you?

Does your pastor get that certain look in his eyes as if he does not honestly want to see you right now? Do you sense coldness in his voice during phone conversations? Or worse, do you feel confident that the pastor is using his caller ID to avoid your calls?

Are you concerned that no one, not even your family deacon, would visit if you were in the hospital? Did you attend church with a sad look on your face last Sunday and leave with no one having asked you what was wrong?

It's time to get a clear read on things and put your church to the test.

Get the "Test Your Church" Kit from the Discernment Experts, available from Lifeway beginning in June.

Find out if your church REALLY cares about you or not.