Sunday, July 06, 2008

My resignation letter

JULY 6, 2008

It is with a sense of great relief and deep grief that I tender my resignation today as your sixteenth pastor.

Last week we sensed the Lord’s strong leading from His Word in this direction. It was followed by a number of personal and circumstantial confirmations.

To those of you who have loved us through the tough times, Amanda and I want to express our deep love and affection. Thank you for your smiles, your friendships, for keeping and loving our children, and for your sincere commitment to Jesus Christ. Our gratitude to you and our love for you will continue unchanged.

My only ambitions since I have been here have been to teach and preach the Word of God to the best of my ability and to love you with a full heart.

Our hearts are broken, but our spirits are strong in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Your church by-laws state in Article 11-A, Section 1, that “at least thirty days’ notice shall be given of termination of the relationship [between pastor and church], unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, with both the pastor and church seeking to follow the will of God through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.”

Therefore, I submit a 30-day notice to the church today. I am, however, willing to allow today to be my last Sunday with you, should the church desire it. In either case, we plan to move the family out of your parsonage as soon as possible.