Monday, July 07, 2008

Crazy thankful

This has been a crazy and thankful couple of days.

A number of ladies from Chestnut Ridge came over the weekend and helped us pack the house. We plan to load Thursday and move what will not go into storage on Friday.

Yesterday Sunday after we resigned, people came to the parsonage and wept and talked and told us of their love for us until four o'clock. Several came by and called today and tonight.

Today at the seminary, the housing office assigned us to our new home, an apartment in Flaherty.

The kids have been resilient. Amanda and I are emotionally exhausted. We could both sleep for three days. We have alternated between scared to death and weeping with gratitude. The Lord's promise from Malachi 3:10 and 4:2 is happening.

If any readers know of employment on the seminary campus or near Wake Forest, NC, please email me for a resume or tell me where I can take one. My email address is here.