Thursday, August 07, 2008

A 24-hour sermon

And nobody wanted to be out by 12?

If you worry about your Sunday sermons running a bit long, don’t despair. Last week an English vicar set a new world record for the longest outdoor message when he spoke from the pulpit for 24 hours. The Rev. Eric Delve of St. Luke’s Church in Kent County, England, held the marathon preaching session to kick off the Detling Summer Conference, an annual Christian camp that this year coincided with a town river festival. “It’s quite exciting doing this in the open air and in a busy town,” Delve said. “It leaves you free to be heckled, which to be honest, I quite enjoy, as you get to think on your feet and at speed.” Interestingly enough, Delve was inspired to take on the preaching feat after a friend set the world record for the longest indoor sermon. [, 7/25/08;, 7/29/08]